First session

Studio View

I had my first session in my new studio last night. It was amazing, I was able to achieve a level of focus and concentration that I haven’t experienced in months. There were no distractions, (there’s no internet there!)  it was just me with my paper and a piece of vine charcoal for a full two hours.  It was thrilling to be able to work this way, I’ve been craving it for so long.

Working on these 7′ x 4′ drawings is definitely changing the way I draw because of the scale. I have to draw not just with my arm, but with my entire body because the strokes I’m making are so incredibly big and broad. I also find that I really have no sense of the entire drawing whatsoever when I’m up close to the drawing, so stepping back and looking at the drawing from a distance is going to be hugely important.

I was worried that the large scale was going to feel intimidating, but once I got started I was very pleasantly surprised at how great it felt to work so large. I guess I had this initial idea that I would work myself incrementally towards the large scale, but it seems like just diving in head first into the large scale is working just fine.

Studio View

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