Studio View

I felt really lame that I chickened out on the etching ink the other night.  I spent most of my day yesterday trying to mentally gear myself up to dive into the etching ink the next time I returned to the studio. I pumped myself up as I drove to the studio and was determined and ready by the time I arrived to get started. I indulged and let myself start with my favorite part of this particular pose, which in this case was the hands. I knew working on that area was going to be enjoyable to work on, so I started there in order to get myself going.

I forgot how tacky and stiff the etching ink is.  You have to exert a lot of physical pressure on the surface of the Dura-Lar to achieve a range of gradients. I also use a cotton rag to remove the ink to lighten the tones. I wear purple nitrile gloves when I work with the etching ink, and by the end of the night the pads of my fingers felt sore and raw.

My short term goal for now is to have these three drawings finished for the Waltham Mills Open Studios, which is on Nov. 2 and 3, mark your calendars! More information on that soon.

Studio View

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