Studio View

I’m finally developing a good momentum with these drawings. It felt absolutely terrific to draw with vine charcoal all over the single figure drawings. I loved breaking up all of that awful negative space into shapes that created a dynamic composition.  Bad composition and white backgrounds are some of my biggest pet peeves, (just ask my students) so I’m really glad that I took the risk and threw out the single figure compositions.

Studio View

One thought on “Momentum

  1. White space or negative space can be very useful and powerful in a composition if used properly and covering it just to cover it, seems obsessive…it depends on the intended message of the piece of art, it might need to have some negative or white space. There sometimes needs to be a place for the eye and spirit to rest for a moment. If everything is calling your attention then nothing is heard, otherwise it could just be therapy or venting frustration about other incomplete issues in life.

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