Studio View

Working on these drawings has suddenly become a wonderful, exhilarating experience. All I do all day now is obsess about the next time I get to set foot in the studio.  I’ve been mesmerized by these drawings and have been analyzing them even after I come home from the studio. I finally feel like I’m working on something that has real meat and substance to it. I get to work with movement, form, and transparency, all concepts that are central to the fundamental premise of this project.

My goal is to finish these two drawings and have a third in progress in time for Waltham Mills Open Studios, which is the weekend of Nov. 2-3. I’m really excited for this event.  Back when I was a recent graduate, I used to show at Jamaica Plain Open Studios annually, and always had a blast every year. I loved meeting people in person and talking to them about my work in depth. It’s much better than opening receptions which are so loud and chaotic that it’s impossible to have a decent conversation.

Studio View


2 thoughts on “Obsessed

  1. I liked your comment that you prefer open studio events to opening receptions, because the latter are usually loud and difficult to have a decent conversation. That got me thinking. Is there a better alternative to the standard “opening reception?”

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