Studio View

I was able to finish up the majority of the etching ink work on the first two drawings last night, which felt great. To critique myself, I think that the drawing on the left lacks the sense of transparency that is present on the drawing on the right. I’m hoping to fix that after the etching ink dries and I’m able to go back into the drawing with an x-acto knife and lithographic crayon.

I’m the most excited about the compositions right now, and how complex and layered they’re becoming. It feels terrific to make compositions like this after working only with the human face for so long. I just hope the intensity of emotion is coming through.  I do worry that I’m getting too caught up making engaging compositions and losing track of the emotion.

In the mean time, I’m trying to work on a digital sketch for the third drawing. This figure has been giving me a lot of trouble because the pose itself is very vertical and doesn’t have any diagonal movement to it. There is a ton of negative space on the left hand side that really needs to get broken up for this composition to come together. In composing this piece, I’m trying to focus on the arms, as they are the most dynamic part of the pose and therefore offers the most possibilities.

Digital Sketch

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