Digital Sketch

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve taken a break from working on my artwork over the past few days.  First of all, I’ve been leaving the work alone so that the etching ink could dry, but then I also got sick.  I almost “like” it when I get sick because it’s one of the few valid reasons I can give to myself to stop working. Getting sick gives me a chance to slow down and rest for a change.

In other news, my freelance publicity work for visual artists has really taken off!  I only advertised once on Facebook, and already I have four clients. I’m really enjoying getting to meet all of these artists in their studios and talking to them about their work.  I was talking to someone the other day about how “business workshops” for artists tend to be ineffective because there’s no way to tailor the workshop to each individual artist’s needs.  Every artist has different work, different goals, different ideas of “success”.  One artist I’m working with just wants to have their first solo exhibition.  Another artist is trying to expand their reach beyond their local area, while another wants to promote their upcoming show.  It makes sense to come up with a personalized, custom publicity strategy for each individual artist.


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