Clearance Sale

Studio View

I’ve been frustrated by how long the etching ink has been taking to dry.  I suspect that it’s the anti-skin spray that I used on the etching ink. Anti-skin spray prevents a skin of dry ink from forming in the can of etching ink, so you’re not wasting large quantities of ink all the time. Basically the anti-skin spray adds a bit of oil to the etching ink, which is probably what’s keeping it from drying more quickly.

I’m excited for open studios this coming weekend, but it’s definitely disrupting my work pattern. I have to physically work around everything that is set up for open studios, so it doesn’t feel nearly as fluid as usual.

Initially for open studios I was going to limit what work was available for sale.  I changed my mind and I nearly emptied my Etsy shop and will have everything available for sale. This even includes my plush dolls from my failed Claradolly children’s book series. It’s going to be a total clearance sale, with most work priced between $5-$25. Stop by and check it out!


3 thoughts on “Clearance Sale

  1. hi Clara,
    I am curious to what you mean by “failed Claradolly children’s book series”? Why are you considering this project a failure? i think the dollies and book illustrations are lovely! They are so different than your falling artworks.


    1. Hi Sandra,
      After working on it and submitting it all over the place for over seven years, I’ve had to accept that the project has not gone anywhere. It’s possible at some point some new motivation for that project might emerge again, but at this point I’ve been so discouraged by the process that I’ve laid that project to rest for now.

      1. THanks for satisfying my curiosity, Clara.
        WHen I first saw your adorable Clara Dollies, i was shocked because of how different it is from your Falling series. I admire your range in artistic pursuits.
        Ugh, it hurts to hear that you had been working on this for over 7 years! My husband wrote and illustrated a comic book series for about 8 years with little reward. I think a lot of artists can relate to this. The question of whether to put an art project to rest is a scary one.

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