New Series: Artist Masterclass

A ways back I mentioned that I was going to start working on a new book, which I tentatively titled “Drawing Thoughts.” After a few months of research and investigating the content that I was looking to collect, it’s become clear to me that the content I was looking for isn’t substantial enough to warrant an entire book.  I’m glad that I caught this early, before I had invested too much of my own time and the time of others.

Instead, I’m transforming the book idea into a blog project, which I’m going to call “Artist Masterclass.” Essentially it will be a series of conversations between myself and Sara Bloem, a former student of mine and a recent RISD graduate who I interviewed in this blog post. Sara will be working on a new series of drawings over the course of 4-6 months, and I will track her progress through weekly chats with her about her work. I’m hoping that it will be a way for a broader audience to listen in on a dialogue between two artists.


Drawing by Sara Bloem


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