Waltham Mills Open Studios

Waltham Open Studios 2013

I had an incredibly busy weekend showing my work at the 2013 Waltham Mills Open Studios.  People were mostly curious about my materials and technique in my latest figure drawings, as it’s not apparent to most people that it’s etching ink and lithographic crayon on Dura-Lar.  Most people assume when they see my work online that it’s done in charcoal, so when they see it in person, they’re frequently surprised by the technique and materials.

Waltham Open Studios 2013

Only a few people asked me about the inspiration for my subject matter. I’m acutely aware that for many people my work is too intense and difficult to look at, so it’s not surprising to me that most are not comfortable asking me about it in person. People also seemed baffled by the combination of my plush dolls and my anguished drawings.

Waltham Open Studios 2013

I did fairly well in terms of sales.  With the majority of my works priced from $10-$25, I was able to sell a high volume of work.   I had one person who bought $80 worth of work and another person who bought a large monotype for $50, while most others spent on average $20 each. A few people commented that I should charge more for my work.  The way I see it, so much of the work I have is really old.  I would rather sell it at a low price just to get rid of it.   I’m at the point now that I’ve accumulated more artwork than I can store, so it’s a practical matter to purge every now and then.

I had a great time with this event, but it will also be nice to be able to make a mess again in my studio!

Waltham Open Studios 2013

Waltham Open Studios 2013


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