Mezzotint research

Studio View

I got to work on the etching ink stage of the latest drawing last night. Some of the pieces are taking almost a month to dry, so I think the plan is to work on my experimentation with mezzotint in the mean time.

I went to the RISD library yesterday and took out Carol Wax’s book “The Mezzotint, History and Technique”, the quintessential book written on mezzotint. It’s been fascinating to look at the images from history, and to get a sense of a technique that is seen so rarely. I guess that’s part of the reason why I’m interested, is that it’s such an obscure technique.  The more I read about it, the more intimidated I feel by the rigorousness of the process. I ordered a prerocked plate this week, so I’ll experiment with that and see how it goes.



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