Studio View

After many weeks, some of the pieces have finally dried, so I worked last night on cross-hatching the the x-acto knife and some adjustments with the lithographic crayon. I also started sketching in with vine charcoal a second figure into this composition.  It sounds easier than it is, it’s tough to draw a figure on top of another and to maintain the right proportions. I keep getting lost in the figure that’s already there and losing track of the figure I’m sketching in. It just gets more confusing the more figures I add into the composition.

Studio View


2 thoughts on “Proportions

  1. A technical solution maybe.. Try figuring out your second drawing on tracing paper or vellum, and then use carbon paper( in rolls) to transfer and get the basic proportions you need.
    I just got this suggestion from Joanne Ruggles.( another figurative artist) Who has been mentoring about 4 of us on a very individual basis. We found your site and now all follow. Your blog is so very interesting and mirrors our conversations in many ways. Most of us are just beginning to add and develop our narratives. I believe your work is very important. Its a relief to see powerful work with content. And yes of course it is not meant for the casual passerby, there are plenty of other people who make art for the masses. Great work great drawing. Thank you

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