Pushing Ahead

Studio View

This composition that I’ve been working on this week is I think my busiest composition so far. The composition is packed with imagery, and doesn’t really have any quiet areas where the eye can rest.  I think that I’m testing myself in terms of how far I can push the imagery. Part of me thinks this composition is too over the top, but then another part of me thinks that’s just the reason why it might be working.

What do you think?

Studio View

Studio View


8 thoughts on “Pushing Ahead

  1. I like so much how it looks, one can feel the stress of the woman at the body. Each part, the eyes, the mouth, hands, neck. Nothing tell about a relaxed state of mind. I would like to know what technique did you use to paint the image?

  2. Amazing. Simply amazing. It looks like how it sounds in my head most of the time. Brilliant use of space. Oddly enough, it encompasses the space in a way that fills it without being claustrophobic, ironic given the intensity of the composition.

  3. The composition is scary and frenzied and you can’t escape it. It matches your content perfectly and makes the piece extremely exciting. Your instincts are spot-on! Go with it!

  4. Strong and emotive. The repetitive elements add to the effect. You may have posted this earlier and I missed it, but do you work from life models? Photos? Or maybe you take photos of life models and then work from that? The strong facial expressions have me curious.

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