Over the past week I’ve been trying to buckle down and brainstorm alternatives for “Hiding”. Unfortunately, despite my daily efforts, I’ve found myself at a total deadlock. I know what kinds of ideas and themes that I want to communicate, but I’m having a difficult time coming up with imagery that isn’t terribly cliche.

One of the major themes I want to convey is the concept of leading a dual life when you have to hide your depression. There’s the public life that you lead during the day, when you smile, act well adjusted, and tell everyone who asks that you’re doing great. Then there is the private life that you lead behind closed doors, at night, when you can finally emotionally explode. The concept is there, but the imagery isn’t. All I can do at this stage is keep pushing through the bad ideas hoping that eventually, something will emerge.

2 thoughts on “Impasse

  1. I can so relate to the dual life which leaves me feeling a bit like an impostor in both-trapped in downward spirals

  2. That duality is one of the things that makes me feel disconnected, like an alien. It’s more than just wearing a mask, more like clothing yourself and being trapped in a different skin. The most isolating thing imaginable. I think finding imagery to express this is hard because by definition you know it and feel it from inside, and don’t see it or observe it. And you are making yourself invisible, hiding……

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