Studio View

I have to admit that it’s been getting harder to get myself to the studio at the end of the day. I know I should be looking forward to my time in the studio, but lately that hasn’t been the case. This semester, I’m teaching at RISD all day Mondays and Fridays, and in the morning on Saturdays. After teaching a 7.5 hour drawing class, I pretty much collapse at the end of the day and can’t do anything but vegetate afterwards.  Yesterday I got home at 6:15pm from teaching and made the decision to take the night off instead of going to the studio.  I felt intensely guilty, but I knew that I needed the rest in order to make it through to the next day. I know, it’s so unromantic to be discussing these kinds of logistical issues, but it’s a reality for so many artists. Every week is a new challenge in time management and balance in my schedule that I am constantly working on.


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