Online Visibility

Lately, I’ve been researching popular visual artist blogs online, in an effort to increase traffic to my blog.  I have realized that I am one of the very few visual artists in academia who blogs and is highly active in social media.  You would think being unique in this way would be an automatic advantage. However, I still get the feeling that most of the academic art world looks down on social media and blogs. Although I have no intention of stopping,  I’ll admit that I am sometimes embarrassed by my active web presence for this reason.

On the other hand, I have to remember that accessibility is really important to me, and being active online is a big part of that. The problem is, that accessibility can sometimes be seen by experts in the field as dumbing down the content. At the same time, if I sacrifice that accessibility, I risk shrinking my audience to the few who are educated in my field. I’m constantly working to maintain a delicate balance so that I can present sophisticated content that is also understandable to the layman.


9 thoughts on “Online Visibility

  1. You are doing what artists do best–communicating! I read your blog religiously and miss your presence when you disappear from the ether from time to time. Thank you for sharing yourself and teaching in this most contemporary way.

  2. It is wonderful to draw on your academic knowledge and to share with others outside of university. I am grateful for your view, and your time in getting that balance right and straddling the two worlds. Cheers

  3. You sound like an artist. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Art is about paying it forward. It’s not a secret club. I appreciate your blog and the information you share. Thank you for doing so!

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