Summer Plans

My summer schedule is starting to take shape. I’ll be teaching a Design course in the RISD Pre-College program which runs for 6 weeks. The last time I taught in this program was in 2008.  A lot has changed since then, so I decided to scrap my old course materials and write an entirely new course.   It’s very nerdy, but I actually enjoy writing course materials, inventing new projects, and creating slideshows.

On top of teaching, I will prepare for three solo exhibitions in the fall.  The shows will be at the Sarah Doyle Gallery at Brown University, the Trustman Gallery at Simmons College, and the Mazmanian Gallery at Framingham State University. The shows will feature sculpture, photographs, mezzotints, and drawings.

I had a meeting with the gallery director at the Trustman Gallery last week which was extremely helpful.  We walked through the gallery space together, discussed in detail how the show might be hung, and worked out an estimate for how many works to bring. By the end of the summer, I need to finish 15 mezzotints, and two 7′ x 4′ drawings. The Trustman Gallery is fairly large, so I was initially very worried that the quantity would be too much for me.  Now that I have these numbers, I know that I can do it.


Trustman Gallery at Simmons College, Liz Shepherd’s 2013 solo exhibition

One thought on “Summer Plans

  1. When i read this woman’s blog i think of all the work and exhibiting that you do, perhaps some of the galleries might be good for you as well??


    2460 Bayview Heights Drive Los Osos, Ca 93402 805-234-3522


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