Student excerpts

Final Crit

At the end of every semester, I ask my freshman drawing students at RISD to fill out a final self-critique form.  The form asks questions about their progress this semester, and is an opportunity for students to take the time to reflect upon their experience in the class. Below are some excerpts from the self-critique forms.

“In order to get anything out of my work, I have to put everything into it.”
“A successful idea might be the result of numerous unsuccessful ideas.”
“I learned that something goes wrong every time no matter how hard you plan it.”
“I’ve realized how little I know about just about everything.”
“The process of failing never stops.”
“I realized its okay to not have everything work out the way it was meant to.”
“Good things can come from failures.”
“I learned that becoming a better artist does not only depend on the technical skills.”
“Projects never quite turn out as you plan.”
“It is critical to embrace who I am and not let other people steer me away from that.”
“I really learned that if I know what a work will look like in the end, then I’m not pushing myself enough.”
“If I work really hard, I will get results I’m proud of.”
“I’ve learned the importance of stepping outside your work.”

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