RISD Pre-College: First Design Projects


We are into the second week of the RISD Pre-College program, and the first projects have been coming in this week in my Design Foundations courses.  For this first assignment, students were given one week to construct a three-dimensional staircase, using only white foamboard and hot glue. For the purposes of the assignment, a staircase was defined as a “three-dimensional series of interrelated steps.”

You can see more examples of this assignment on my Flickr page.  View my Tuesday class projects here, and my Monday class projects here.




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2 thoughts on “RISD Pre-College: First Design Projects

  1. I love this assignment and was hoping to borrow it for my high school Sculpture II students as a first project. Did you give any size requirements or number of elements students had to include, or was it open-ended? Did they just use x-acto knives for the foam board? Thanks!

    1. Thanks for your feedback! I left it very open ended, makes for more design options for the students. I tell the students that the idea of a staircase is a departure point, and that they can take it wherever they want. I find X-acto knives are no good for foam board, they are too thin and don’t have the strength to cut through the foam board easily. I have the students use heavy duty utility knives with a retractable blade.

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