Learning Curve

Studio View

As of today I now have 7 mezzotints completed. I have to make 2 more before I send the work to my framer on August 17. Already, I have become very picky with the images and have started to notice a learning curve in the mezzotints even though I haven’t been working on them for that long.  This inevitably happens with every project that I do, and it’s unavoidable because you learn with every image you make. My solution in the past was to create more works than I needed and then to choose the best works from there. When I worked on my series of 50 self-portrait drawings, I ended up making 65 drawings and chose the best 50 pieces from there. These mezzotints will be no exception, already there are two that I’m not happy with and will have to eventually replace.  I’m aiming to ultimately create a portfolio of 20 mezzotints.  For my solo shows in the fall I should have about 14 finished, and the final 6 works can be created after the shows are up.


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