Moving on

Studio View

I finished up the etching ink part of the process in this drawing above today. I’m putting this drawing aside temporarily so it can dry before I go back into it and firm up the details with lithographic crayon. The top left hand corner and the lower right hand corner feel a little sparse, so I might eventually add some extremely light and subtle figures.   I’m going to get some distance from this piece and decide later if I want to add more into those areas. 

I started into this drawing below which felt great, considering that I haven’t touched it since July. The figures in this drawing will be very light and ghost-like, whereas the figure will be much darker, defined, and concrete by comparison. 

Before, I thought that these 5 large figure drawings I’m making for my solo exhibition at the Trustman Gallery would be the end for this series.  I’m thinking now that I might want to do two more large figure drawings, making for a total of 7.  These 5 figure drawings go in a sequence, and I think I need more contrast at the beginning and end of the sequence.  

Studio View


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