Close to finish

Studio View

This drawing above is very close to being finished. Today I devoted most of my time to solidifying details with the lithographic crayon pencil, as well as lightening up various areas by scraping away at etching ink on the Dura-Lar with an x-acto knife.The Dura-lar is very thick and strong, so I can be really aggressive with the x-acto knife without worrying about damaging the Dura-Lar. It’s times like these that I’m really glad that I’m not working on paper, paper is so fragile and wouldn’t be able to take the physical beating that I put my drawings through.

These last stages of a drawing are extremely satisfying, since all of the really difficult grunt work is done, and the essential structure is well established.  As a result, it feels effortless to finish off areas with the lithographic crayon pencil and x-acto knife. The work at this stage in the process is mostly cosmetic and gets instantaneous results. I’m going to leave this drawing alone for now, and do one final pass after I get the other drawings further along.

I also added another figure in the upper left hand corner, which you can see in the image below.  There was only one figure in that area before, so that section felt flat and lacked the transparency and layers that were throughout the rest of the piece.

Studio View


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