Studio View

Although I am actively working in the studio on these large figure drawings, the logistics of my November solo exhibition at the Trustman Gallery are starting to need more attention. I spent most of the morning shooting photographs of the three figure drawings I’ve finished so far, and I have to get started on a new artist statement for this show. I already have an artist statement that is an overview of “Falling“, but this series of large figure drawings really warrants a new statement since it’s much more specific than the previous works in this series.

Within just a few weeks of working, I’ve already seen a learning curve in these figure drawings.  My marks with the etching ink have loosened up a lot recently, and the consequence is the the figure drawing on the left in the image below feels too controlled and stiff right now.  That drawing is nowhere near finished, but I’m really going to have to make some major changes to get the composition more dynamic and lively.

Studio View


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