Studio View

Every day I’m getting deeper into these drawings, which is a great feeling.  I had been thinking earlier that I was tired of working on this series.  The original plan was to finish these 5 large figure drawings for my November solo show and then to walk away and start something else. On the contrary, the more I work on these drawings, the more work I am finding myself wanting to make in the near future.

Last fall, I scrapped several large figure drawings because I knew they weren’t working.  I thought that was the end of those drawings, since none of them were any good, but now I’m thinking that I can resurrect several of those drawings for this new series. The next few drawings I want to create will be extremely dark and heavy, where the figures are barely discernible. I’ll use several of these failed figure drawings and work many more layers on top. I like the thought of being able to use past failures to start new work, something I’ve never really done before.


5 thoughts on “Immersed

    1. Etching ink is much thicker and tackier than India ink, which allows me to get much more physical with the drawing process. Also, ink wouldn’t adhere to the plastic surface that I use for my drawings.

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