Pie in the Sky

Final Crit

Recently I’ve been thinking about other opportunities I could create for myself that would allow me to broaden my teaching.  Currently, my teaching is focused on my classes at RISD and through writing my “Ask the Art Professor” column for the Huffington Post.  I enjoy both, but lately I have been feeling an itch to somehow expand beyond those two veins of teaching.

In graduate school, I once helped a friend with some sculpture techniques, and she joked “you should have your own cooking show!” From what I’ve seen online, it seems like there is a huge audience that is starving for tutorials in art.  In some ways, I’m thinking of taking my friend’s suggestion literally:  a “cooking” show for artists.  This is totally pie in the sky, but I figure that it doesn’t hurt to think about it, and we all have to start somewhere.  I like that this is percolating in my head right now, and that something new is stirring in me.

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Ask the Art Prof Live is a weekly live video broadcast on my Facebook page where I provide professional advice for art students and professional artists. Ask the Art Prof began as a written column in 2013 and was featured in the Huffington Post from 2013-2015.  Ask me your questions by commenting on the live video post as the video streams, and I’ll answer right away. I’ll discuss being an artist today, art technique & materials, work strategies for artists, career advice, teaching art, and more. Like my Facebook page and you’ll receive a notification when each live video begins.

Video Critique Program
I offer 30 minute video critiques on 8-20 artworks for aspiring/professional artists working on a body of artwork, and for students working on an art portfolio for college admission. Watch sample video critiques and get more info here.

6 thoughts on “Pie in the Sky

  1. I think this is a great idea. You have such a down-to-Earth quality about you, a level of accessibility about your practice and just yourself as an artist in general, that is encouraging to people who are approaching the idea of becoming professional artists. I strongly feel that there needs to be something in the art world more geared toward adults (or, at least, people of all ages). Most (if not all) of the programs I come across in the visual (and even performing) arts are for youth only, which unfortunately leaves a lot of us out who are just getting our start for whatever reason. Also, your approach appeals to people of many different income levels. You acknowledge that many artists cannot afford expensive supplies, and give suggestions on ways around it. So, in conclusion, I think that having your own show is a great idea. 🙂

  2. This is such a great idea! There’s definitely space for it to develop, and I believe there are many people out there (me included) who would enjoy watching and learning from a show like this. Specially because, just like the art galleries themselves, art schools are also not easily accessible, for the prices and for the fact that several of them ask for some kind of pre-knowledge. I would love to see what this turns out to be.

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