Installation Day at Simmons College

Trustman Gallery at Simmons College

Today was the day I’ve been working towards for almost a year: I delivered my work to the Trustman Gallery at Simmons College where I worked with the gallery director and a wonderful crew of 5-6 students to install my solo exhibition, “Emerge“. It was incredibly helpful to have so many people installing the show.  The 7′ x 4′ figure drawings were large enough that each drawing took about 3-4 people at a time to hang the piece. The mezzotints and prints are small, but they require a huge amount of precise measuring to be sure that everything is level and spaced properly on the wall. This is where my years as the gallery director at the Jewett Gallery at Wellesley College is extremely useful. I have a lot of experience installing many different kinds of shows, so when it comes to installing my own work I feel like I know the process inside out from beginning to end.

Trustman Gallery at Simmons College

All in all, we installed 6 large figure drawings, 3 sculptures, 5 photographs, and 10 mezzotints, definitely the largest quantity of work I have ever shown in a solo exhibition. The quantity of work I had fit the space perfectly, which was very lucky as that’s something that you can’t predict.  I brought more artwork than I thought I needed, and we ended up hanging everything.

The opening reception is next Wednesday, Nov. 12 from 5-7pm.  I’ll be giving a 15 minute gallery talk at 5:45pm as well. You can RSVP to the opening reception on Facebook here.

Trustman Gallery at Simmons College

Trustman Gallery at Simmons College


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