RISD Freshman Drawing: Final Self-Critique Excerpts

Final Crit

We’re wrapping up the end of the fall semester this week at RISD.  At the end of the semester, I ask my freshman drawing students to do a written self-critique.  This is an opportunity for my students to stop and reflect upon their experience this semester, and to think about how they want to move forward in their course of study.  I always find their comments insightful and thought provoking. Below are some anonymous excerpts.

“The process of creating a piece of art is more important than I originally thought.”
“Even if I don’t have a great idea in the beginning, I will get better results as I work on my project.”
“I have learned that the farther a project comes from beginning to end, the better.”
“I used to think that repetition and mastery makes you better at your craft and your art but I really saw myself grow when I started changing everything each week.”
“If I really push myself and do not give up, my hard work will be worth it.”
“I am glad I can draw without fear now!”
“It’s okay to shut down an idea if you find it cliche, right from the start.”
“I learned the most from the first homework assignment because it was my first and harshest critique of the semester.”
“I have learned how important it is to get your ideas out on paper, even if they don’t seem like the strongest concept.”
“If I am not completely satisfied with my idea, it is okay to get rid of it and go in a completely different direction.”
“I have learned there are a lot of detours and traffic. There are so many more things you need to think about than I ever imagined.”
“The most important thing is that I am excited about my piece and that I do what I want.”
“I have learned to not be afraid of change and to embrace different opinions in the process of developing a project.”


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