What’s Next

Being on vacation for the past several weeks has given me time to reflect upon what’s next for me.  In the past, I’ve always had future projects lined up at the back of my mind.  When I finished a project, it was effortless to start the next project because I knew exactly what to do.  Until now. For the first time that I can remember, I have nothing waiting for me.

For the past decade, I’ve been following the same cycle: brainstorming a project idea, doing research and preparatory work, executing the final works, courting galleries to show the work, and doing all of the publicity tasks. I’ve now completed 4 projects in this way, and the thought of starting this cycle again is tiresome.  I’ve realized that I don’t want to follow this cycle anymore.  It’s time for me to create a new approach to my artwork and start a second act.

Lately I’ve been thinking about people like Robert Lang, who had a successful career as a physicist before becoming one of the foremost origami artists in the world. While I don’t think my next move will be quite as dramatic as Lang’s, I do know that I want to create new objectives for myself. To do this, I am letting go of the goals I initially formed as a young artist. This might sound like I am giving up, but on the contrary, I have found this new perspective to be quite inspiring. For most of my professional life, I always had this idea that  I had to be on this rigid, one track system where if I don’t achieve x, y, and z, I am not succeeding. Now that I’ve taken myself off that track, I am seeing how much more I can do.


Origami by Robert Lang

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