Spinning my Wheels

Gesture Drawing

Since I’ve decided to take time and re-evaluate, I’ve found myself in a creative limbo. I’ve devoted a lot of time to analyzing my previous creative endeavors, and brainstorming possibilities for the future. The consequence is that I haven’t made anything, so it feels like I’ve been spinning my wheels. To me that’s a signal that I’m done thinking, and that it’s time to move on.

I find it challenging to make the transition from establishing long term goals to figuring out what task you should do today. At the beginning of a project, your goals feel so incredibly far away that it’s hard to know where to even begin. Often times this makes me not want to start at all, because I fear that things won’t work out. I know that I have to take my own advice: it’s actually easier to start with something that is flawed and then fix it. In my drawing classes, I see students all the time who are so worried about making a bad drawing that they end up drawing nothing at all. I tell my students that they just have to get some marks on paper, no matter how faulty they may be. Once you have something tangible to work with, you can make progress.

One thought on “Spinning my Wheels

  1. I was in the same situation some time ago with creative writing and academic writing. I tried something different (street photography using film cameras) and started a blog on it. Now it’s woven into my academic and creative writing. I’m also now teaching a new postgraduate course on writing, social media and photography. I guess the trick is to do something different. We need to evolve and transform ourselves from time to time.

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