Last Thoughts of the Semester in RISD Illustration

Final Crit

I finished up final reviews with my sophomore Illustration majors in my “Drawing I: Visualizing Space” course at RISD today.  At the end of every semester, I ask my students to reflect upon their time in my class and do a written self-critique.  Although I’ve read hundreds of these self-critiques over the past several years, I always find them to be inspiring and enlightening.  Below are some excerpts from my students this semester.

“I have learned that ideas will come if you are patient.”

“Thumbnail sketches are very helpful and will save you hours of time.”

“Not every artwork is a success, and I do not need to attach myself so emotionally to every piece.”

“Ideas do not come from nowhere, they need time to grow.”

“The preparation of an artwork can make or break a work.”

“I have learned that I have to accept mistakes.”

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One thought on “Last Thoughts of the Semester in RISD Illustration

  1. Those are great student self-critiques. You have guided them to learn some very important long-term lessons; not just about their art … but towards finding truths about themselves as human beings.

    The art world expects the first and our institutions pays us for that; in the end, the second is more valuable.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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