Ask the Art Prof Live #3: Personal Themes, Never Too Late to Start Drawing


Is it a bad idea to show deeply personal themes in your artwork?
Mentioned: Nan Goldin, Edgar Degas

Nan Goldin     Degas Dancer Adjusting laces

Student drawing based on flashbacks of his mother’s death:


Student drawing based on Starbucks:


Artists have to be able to speak about their artwork.

Student drawing about her personal conflict about her religion:


Am I too old to start learning drawing?

Edgar Degas’ figure sculptures:

Degas Figure Sculpture

Henri Matisse’s cut out collages:

Matisse Collage

Experience can be a crutch for some students.

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Ask the Art Prof Live is a weekly live video broadcast on my Facebook page where I provide professional advice for art students and professional artists. Ask the Art Prof began as a written column in 2013 and was featured in the Huffington Post from 2013-2015.  See the full archive of columns here. Ask me your questions by commenting on the live video post as the video streams, and I’ll answer right away. I’ll discuss being an artist today, art technique & materials, work strategies for artists, career advice, teaching art, and more. Like my Facebook page and you’ll receive a notification when each live video begins.

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2 thoughts on “Ask the Art Prof Live #3: Personal Themes, Never Too Late to Start Drawing

  1. Thank you for your encouraging words especially about drawing at any age. I’m retired and just beginning to learn. The most important factor for me is not necessarily the finished product but the fun I have in the process. Enjoyed this video!

    • Glad to hear the video was helpful, I really believe that any time spent drawing is valuable, regardless of the outcome! I had a professor in college who used to say “If you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong.” So true!

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