Ask the Art Prof Live #5: Starting Art School, Avoiding Cliches

“I got accepted into my top choice of art schools this year.  I’m super excited, but I’m also really nervous and don’t really know what to expect. The art program at my high school wasn’t very good, and I’m worried that I’m going to be really inexperienced compared to the other students. What are your tips for starting art school?”

Work with other students on your art school projects, be a cheerleader for each other!

Charcoal Drawings of Bones

Talk to your professors, and ask for help.

Learn to separate yourself from your art in a group critique.

Start early, avoid the marathon the night before, spread out your work over several days.

“What are common cliches and design mistakes you see in students? How do you think those can be worked on or avoided?”
Mentioned: Leon Golub, Kathe Kollwitz, Delacroix

Image_Leon Golub    images    Eugène_Delacroix_-_La_liberté_guidant_le_peuple

Research your art media
Mentioned: Rodin, Bourdelle, Degas, Giacometti

hb_11.173.3    45686-12    hb_29.100.395    download

Get the cliches out of your system, and then eliminate them.

The “Layers” assignment in my RISD Freshman Drawing class.


Ask for feedback early on, several times, before the group critique.

Final Crit
A self-portrait becomes a penis.

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