Crit Quad #2: Heidi Neff


Heidi Neff
“Untitled (Resistence)”, acrylic paint on canvas, 9″ x 16″

“This painting is a part of a larger body of work which  investigates the relationship between the virtual and the physical and how that relates to profoundly personal experiences such as love, sex, motherhood, loss, illness, physical injury and spiritual connections. In my work, paint acts as metaphor for that which is messy, physical and real in an increasingly detached, virtual world.”

Yves-Olivier Mandereau, Teaching Assistant
Yves-Olivier Mandereau, Designer & Ceramic Artist
“If you’re talking about the physical and virtual world, I want to see in your work what is the relationship between two systems.”

Annie Irwin, Teaching Assistant
Annie Irwin, Weaver, Textile Artist, Painter
“In terms of what’s happening in the background, I think you could achieve more space and depth by trying to further your experimentation with materials.”

Alex Rowe, Teaching Assistant
Alex Rowe, Book Illustrator
“The really nice, subdued blue is really making all the oranges and the yellows, and the reds pop.”

Clara Lieu, Visual Artist & Adjunct Professor at RISD
Clara Lieu, Fine Artist & Adjunct Professor at RISD
“Specificity is really helpful.  When people try to take on too many subjects all at once, they find they just can’t get specific enough and the audience gets lost.”
Mentioned: Frank Auerbach, Lucien Freud, Francis BaconSoutine

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