The Crit Quickies are Pouring In

Crit Quickie #8 by @tea_for_jbass

Over the last 48 hours, Crit Quickie submissions have started pouring into my Instagram!

What I’m most excited about is the extraordinary range of different artists and artworks that people are sending me. Crit Quickie #3 was by a retired art teacher, and #9 (below) was a painting by a 9th grader that was submitted by her art teacher.  #8 (above) is by a freshman in art school. With so many submissions, it is going to take me some time to get to yours, so please be patient. If the volume of submissions gets to the point where I’m not able to critique every piece, I will have to critique only select pieces. Keep those submissions coming! Post your art w/ , #artprof & “Crit Quickie.”

We accept submissions from artists in 9th grade and up. If you’re an art teacher, you’re welcome to submit on behalf of your students!

These Crit Quickies are little nibbles compared to the major art education project that is arriving on Tuesday, June 14.  If you like Crit Quickies, our Audio Critiques, Ask the Art Prof Live, my Portfolio Video Critiques, our in person Portfolio Review events, (June 19, not too late to sign up!) then you’re in for an artistic banquet of a lifetime!  Don’t miss the banquet and subscribe to my email list today.

Crit Quickie #9 by @colleenkr

Crit Quickie #9 by @dbgossett

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