Crit Quickies vs. Audio Critique Packs

by @ter_ars_zawitkowska_

I’ve been very excited about the way that Crit Quickies has picked up over the past few days! I think it’s wonderful that submissions are coming in from artists of all ages, backgrounds, locations, and styles.  That’s one aspect of being an artist that I think is very unique to our field:  your background, age, body type, etc. doesn’t dictate whether you can be an artist.  Compared to other fields like athletics, or acting, where if you are just 2″ too short, or if you don’t have the “right look” for the movie role you’re auditioning for, you can always make art no matter what.

Eloise_Shelton_Mayo    Heidi Neff, acrylic painting "Untitled (Resistence)"    Jeff Wrench, Acrylic Painting

If you enjoy our Crit Quickies, check out our Audio Critique Packs.  (Click on the three images above to hear each artwork’s Audio Critique Pack.) We gave away 4 free Audio Critique Packs over the past month, so each winner got a 2-6 minute critique from 4 different professional artists each.  While the Crit Quickies are fun, as you can imagine, there’s only so much you can squeeze into 1 minute of speaking!  The Audio Critique Packs let us go into much greater depth and detail in the critique, so check them out. Our giveaways are over, but you’ll see on June 14 that there will be further opportunities to get an Audio Critique Pack in the future.

Making art doesn’t have to be a gigantic expensive production either.  The artistic process can be as humble as doing a pencil sketch for 10 minutes a day in a small sketchbook-you don’t have to construct a 20′ high bronze public art sculpture to be an artist. Keep those submissions coming, and keep your eyes peeled on my sites on June 14 for our huge announcement-I promise you won’t be disappointed.

by @collins_cameron

by @melissaeuler


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