Sneak Peek #5

I’ve always loved the multiple personalities a kneaded eraser has! You really can be a total dictator and make the eraser do whatever you want. We are just 4 days away from our BIG news on June 14!  Don’t miss the announcement and subscribe to my email list.

I’m jumping out of my skin and working around the clock at this point. You know you’re working hard when you’re a major foodie and eating becomes an “inconvenience”, you have to “remember” to use the bathroom, you’ve been editing videos in Premiere for 2 hours before you brush your teeth & eat breakfast in the morning, (as I write this at 11:50am, I STILL haven’t brushed my teeth or put in my contact lenses yet) and when you look at the clock, which says “11:45pm” and think to yourself, “I still have so much time tonight!”


When you’re working this hard, it’s definitely the biggest contradiction:  you’re so thrilled, passionate and exhilarated about your project, but you’re so intensely grouchy, sleep deprived, and aching with anxiety and petrifying fear! I’ll take those symptoms as a sign that things are headed in the right direction…


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