ART PROF Drawing Demo on Twitch tomorrow!


First of all, I am overwhelmed with the extraordinary enthusiasm and support that has been pouring in left and right since our Kickstarter campaign went live yesterday! More thoughts on that soon…. because I have another treat for you that can’t wait.

Many of you who sent messages and made comments yesterday told me that you were dying to see what the video tutorials on ART PROF would be like. Well, now you can get a gigantic taste of that in about 18 hours.

Watch the ART PROF Twitch channel tomorrow, June 16, at about 10:00am EST and watch me do a figure drawing demo from beginning to end!

This is the closest thing to being in one of my RISD classes, and will give you a preview of the kind of video tutorials you would see on the ART PROF site if our Kickstarter campaign is successful. You can even post questions during the live stream and I can answer right then and there! You don’t need a Twitch account to watch the stream, but you do need an account if you want to post questions during the stream.

We will have an artist model posing for this demo, so this demo will be divided up into 20 minute segments so that the model can take breaks between poses.


The drawing demo will focus on the lower section of the face, the neck, and the shoulders. Here is a general outline of techniques and approaches I’ll cover in this demo:

  1. Setting up the Figure
  2. Lighting the figure
  3. Creating a dynamic composition
  4. First round of linear thumbnail sketches
  5. Selecting which thumbnail sketch to use for the final drawing
  6. Second round of tonal thumbnail sketches
  7. Transferring the final thumbnail sketch composition to the final drawing
  8. Drawing with cross-hatching using a charcoal pencil, eraser stick, and vine charcoal.

We’ll announce the start of our Twitch stream via Facebook live video. So, if you like our Facebook page, you’ll get a notification when the Twitch stream begins.

Hope to see you all then!

ART PROF is a free, online educational platform for visual arts for people of all ages and means. features video courses, art critiques, an encyclopedia of art supplies, and more.

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Prof Lieu offers video critiques on portfolios for students applying to art school and working artists. More info.

Every month, we assign a topic for you to respond to with an artwork. We give out prizes in several categories!  More info.

ASK THE ART PROF was a written column in the Huffington Post from about art related topics. Visit our Pro Development page.


2 thoughts on “ART PROF Drawing Demo on Twitch tomorrow!

  1. Dear Professor Lieu,

    I was unable to sign up for Twitch – I tried, but could not get it to accept my info, so I missed your program this morning. I clicked on Help on Twitch, but that too proved fruitless. Just thought to let you know….I’m very disappointed.


    Betsy Glass

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