ART PROF T-Shirt Contest! Voting ends Monday, June 27, 11:59pm EST

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17 T-shirt design sketches from the ART PROF staff

One of the advantages when your staff is all art students and emerging artists is that when you want to offer a new T-shirt reward for your Kickstarter campaign, you’ve got tons of in house talent.

Now we want YOU to vote and choose our T-shirt design!
Shirts will be $10 each, in many sizes, and we may even offer a tote bag reward!

Our designs are not set in stone, so if you have a suggestion, comment!

You can vote in two ways:
1) Go to our Instagram, find the T-shirt designs, and vote by liking the post.


2) Go to our Facebook page and find the most recent post.  Each design has been assigned a reaction.  (reactions are randomly assigned-they do not represent our opinions, they are just there for voting purposes) To vote, hover your cursor over the “like” button, select the reaction that is assigned to the design you want to vote for, and then click.


Here are our 3 finalists!

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02 - Copy

03 - Copy

The guidelines were that the design had to be black and white, and had to include the text “Art Prof” somewhere in the design. So five of our staff worked on the sketches you see above and we voted internally to select 4 finalists.  We didn’t do a full out critique on each design, but we definitely discussed a few concerns about legibility of the text, or awkward associations in some of the designs. After much discussion, we all eventually agreed that black T-shirts would be better. Black T-shirts are the quintessential artsy clothing, and some of us were traumatized by years of wearing school uniforms that were white, and just a little bit too transparent.

Below is a super quick preview-not by any means the final design!


Snippets from our staff discussion of the designs:

“It’s hard to choose, because I like so many of the designs as drawings but realistically, I would only wear maybe two of them on a T-shirt.”

“I’m having issues with the gloop flying off the back of Prof Lieu’s head-it reminds me of wax, or blood.”

“I like the design with the paint tube, but I don’t get why the paint tube is cut in half.”

“The paint tube cut in half makes me think of a piece of sliced meat-not exactly the best association to have!”

“Some design have interesting lettering but they aren’t easy to read.”

ART PROF is a free, online educational platform for visual arts for people of all ages to learn visual arts in a vibrant art community. Imagine all of the resources here on our blog, except exponentially bigger, in greater quantity, and in more detail. Help us make ART PROF free and accessible for all! Donate to our Kickstarter campaign before July 19!


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