NEW REWARD #4! Art Prof iPhone 6 or 6S Case

Left:  back of the case.  Right:  inside of the case.

ART PROF Kickstarter Campaign 

NEW Reward #4: Art Prof iPhone 6 or 6S Case

Pledge $20 or more

Estimated delivery: Sept. 2016
Ships to: Only United States

Carry Art Prof in your pocket!  Art Prof themed 3D printed iPhone 6 or 6S case, made out of PLA hard plastic. These cases can be ordered in red, black, and white.  Design by Art Prof Intern Olivia Hunter.

Both views:  case on the phone.

ART PROF is a free, online educational platform for visual arts for people of all ages to learn visual arts in a vibrant art community. Imagine all of the resources here on our blog, except exponentially bigger, in greater quantity, and in more detail. Our Kickstarter campaign hit its $30k goal on July 19!  Get info on our future launch by subscribing to our email list.

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