My Response to the October Art Dare: “Your Future Self”


by Clara Lieu

My response to the October Art Dare:  “Your Future Self.” The media is white conte crayon and white charcoal pencil on black paper. Many years ago, I briefly had a DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis and had to see a hand surgeon to get physical therapy to manage the condition. When the hand surgeon examined my hands, he told me that he was certain that I would eventually develop arthritis.  What scares me the most about arthritis is not just the physical pain, but the idea that arthritis would affect my ability to draw.  In this drawing, I demonstrated the deterioration of my drawing ability that I imagine will occur if I develop arthritis in the future.


Below are videos that explain how I arrived at this idea for this drawing, the brainstorming process, creating thumbnail sketches, and beginning the final drawing.

There are still 14 days to submit to the October Art Dare!  Brainstorming and sketches all count as submissions!  Get information on the prompt/prizes/tips here. Check out the latest submissions to the Art Dare below:

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