Art Supply Encyclopedia

continues to grow everyday, some of the new content we add is big (like a video course) while others are small, but are starting to accumulate and have much more of a presence. At times it’s tough to prioritize what to post next, because every piece of new content is important, but for different reasons.

One part of the site that was initially problematic for us for several months was the Art Supply Encyclopedia. Unlike other parts of site which seemed to dictate their own formats in a fairly straightforward manner, we struggled with how to present the content in a way that would invite more exploration in that section.

For a while, the art supplies section was also quite dormant, it was by far the least visited section of the site and it became glaringly clear that it was because of the format/presentation of the content. After lots of troubleshooting (and lots of mistakes) I think we finally have it figured out.

I’m prioritizing this section because it’s the type of section that needs a large quantity of small entries to be useful. So it’s a little bit today, a little bit tomorrow that will accumulate over time and hopefully be a fun place for people to discover new art supplies. I’m frequently surprised that a lot of people don’t take the initiative to try out lots of different art supplies, hopefully access to a resource like that will encourage people to familiarize themselves with new tools!

2 thoughts on “Art Supply Encyclopedia

  1. Hey Clara, long time lurker, first time commenter. I’m loving Art Prof (and your blog!), it’s shaping up to be an awesome resource. I took a look at the Art Encyclopedia section today and it’s looking great.

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