Goodbye China (for now!)

I’m flying back to the US this evening, but I did manage to squeeze in a few hours in this morning at the Yu Garden in Shanghai. In addition to stunning buildings, there were unusual rock formations and a diverse range of plants, trees, and bushes. As always though, I was most attracted to little moments in the architecture, like these dragons who were “eating” then building, and these brooms leaning against the wall that I noticed.

There are dragons and stone lions all over China, and I had been wanting to draw one ever since I arrived. However, most of the stone lions are ones that were carved in modern times, and were usually found in front of hotels. I had yet to stumble upon one that truly had some history behind until today.

Unfortunately the one day I had in Shanghai to go out as the one day it was raining/snowing! Despite my freezing fingers and the damp conditions, I still managed to do this quick brush pen drawing of this stone lion.

This was a truly amazing trip, so many wonderful memories and experiences, I can’t wait to come back!

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