Menial Tasks, Important Tasks



In a project like, which still feels like it’s in it’s infancy (despite that we started in 2014!) I still find it hilarious the incredible range of tasks that I am doing on a daily basis. While parts of Art Prof are creatively exhilarating and exciting, there is also a side to Art Prof which is so mundane and at times tedious and super boring.

One part of the day I’m brainstorming the creative possibilities of the future, and mapping out upcoming tutorials and looking at the scope of the project.  Sometimes I’m speaking to representatives from art suppliers, or having an important conversation with my partner Tom Lerra.

The next minute, I’m sweeping the floor in our studio (AKA the former playroom and current guinea pig room in my house) or I’m sitting at my computer renaming files for an hour.  I feel strongly enough about Art Prof that most of the time I don’t mind doing the menial tasks, and most of the time, I laugh at the range of tasks I’ve had to do.

I admit fantasizing about the day I won’t have to do these types of tasks, but until then, my attitude is “if I don’t do it, no one else will.” Some day, maybe I won’t have to get down on my hands and knees and scrub the floor.




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