Shoot Marathon




Art Prof has recently been a crazy whirlwind of video shoots, we shot 5 tutorials in less than a month!  We’ve settled into a very efficient, streamlined shoot process which has been huge in terms of really maximizing our limited time. Before we had a system in place, it would frequently take at least 2 days to shoot 1 tutorial.  Now that we have a solid process in place, we have been able to pump out 1 tutorial in 1 day which is a gigantic different in terms of our productivity.


One critical advantage that I didn’t anticipate is that my experience editing all of the Art Prof videos has made me much better on camera and also directing on set. It’s incredible all of the habits I had in terms of my speech and movement that I never even realized I did; until I had to watch hours of footage of myself doing those habits.  I’m extremely conscious of those “filler” words that people insert into their speech habitually without even knowing it.  I’ve eliminated “kind of” and “sort of” from my speech entirely, to the point that I now barely have to edit my speech.





Previously, I saw editing as a necessary task that I had to learn to do from scratch, simply because there was no one else around who could do it.  I dreamed that at some point we would have enough funding to hire professional editors.  However, now that I’ve gained a ton of experience with the overall process of video production, I’m really glad that I have these skills under my belt.  My editing skills have certainly had a tremendous influence on how we shoot the videos, to the point that even if we did hire professional editors in the future, I can’t imagine that I would step away from the editing process entirely.




Being able to see a tutorial through from conception to a finished video has been really important; the fact that I have been involved every step of the way has given me a holistic view of the process that I think has really helped us a lot. I know that in film production people generally specialize in one specific skill that they do incredibly well, and certainly if we got enough funding I would definitely not complain.  However, it’s been great to look back on learning this process from knowing nothing to where we are today.







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