New Series: Travel Videos



My first vision of Art Prof was basically a visual arts version of a cooking show:  one person in a studio setting demonstrating techniques. While we are in some ways still doing a much more specific version of that initial idea, a major direction I really want to pursue is travel videos.

I just so happened to have an opportunity to travel all over Taiwan last December, and our team just returned from a trip to Guangzhou, China, where we were invited to teach courses in Drawing, Design, and Art History by the education company ArtOne.


I didn’t plan on shooting a video in Taiwan until my business partner Tom dropped that idea on me right before we left.  The logistics seemed really daunting, (especially since I was going to be traveling with my parents, 2 kids, and husband!) and I had no clue how I was going to do it, so my husband and I just winged it.  Sometimes all we could squeeze in was a minute or 2 of me drawing, other times, he would set up a tripod and camera and leave me alone for an hour so I could draw.


This trip to Guangzhou couldn’t have been more different:  I traveled with Eloise, Casey, and Lauryn, which was a total blast. I’ve never traveling with a group of artists before, and it was so much fun to see how each of us reacted creatively to the same spaces and watching each other sketch.  Plus, I didn’t feel like a weirdo any time I whipped out my sketchbook at dinner to sketch the dumplings we were eating.


Despite how different this trip to Guangzhou was, I did have a much firmer grip on how to handle the logistics because of the Taiwan trip and had a more concrete vision of what I was looking to do. Helped a ton that I visited China 6 months earlier; traveling to China involves so much more than compared to traveling to Europe.  Needing to get a visa in advance, dealing with having no access to sites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and more.

When you’re shooting video in a place like China, you feel like you cannot go wrong. As a videographer you feel so immensely spoiled because basically anything you shoot will be gorgeous and/or engaging on some level.

Now to sort through hours and hours and hours of that gorgeous footage!  Preview the course here. 

Guangzhou_015 is a free website for learning visual arts which features video tutorials, art critiques, and more.


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