Where Does Artprof.org Belong?


A strategy that I’m employed in the past is looking up established artists who have similar artwork as me, and analyzing their resumes to see where they exhibited their work, what publications have written about them.  In terms of my studio practice, that proved to be an effective approach; I had no problems finding artists who were doing work that was in a similar vein and artist resumes are not difficult to track down online.

Artprof.org is a completely different story. I’m not sure whether this is a sign that we are truly onto something unique, or that we are just plain misfits.  Or maybe we’re a little bit of both.  I’ve had a really hard time trying to figuring out where we fit.  We’re not a gigantic platform like Skillshare and Lynda.com. Most of these sites boast of having over 3,000 courses in over 500 subjects! When I first envisioned Artprof.org, I can’t tell you how many people kept saying to me: “Why don’t you just teach on Skillshare?” To me those huge numbers make for a very cold experience, as if you took a one time workshop where you simply cannot build a relationship with the people there.


We’re also not a single artist producing tutorials that feature only them.  We’re somewhere between:  a small group of artists that interact with each other in our video tutorials.  Our aim has always been to foster a close relationship to our audience, to create a situation that’s as close as we can possibly get to bringing people into my classroom.

In terms of press, it’s been even more confusing.  The art reporters largely focus on gallery exhibitions, museums, and public art. I thought we would be a shoo-in for education reporters, but that definitely has not been the case.  Most of the education reporters seem more interested in the politics of education, and the learning process isn’t covered much by comparison. When the learning process does get covered, visual arts is the last subject anyone wants to cover. With the release of our Taiwan travel video, and our upcoming Guangzhou video, an area I’ve been targeting recently is travel reporters.  But travel reporters seem to be mostly people who travel to the country themselves, and then report on the experience.  I haven’t found any travel reporters who report on other people traveling somewhere.


I always imagined Artprof.org as a website that would fill a gaping void in accessible art education.  I do believe that we are still fulfilling that mission.  However, it also seems like we are creating our own place in the world, our own genre that seems to defy the categories that currently exist. I like to think this is a strong aspect of Artprof.org, but trying to find the right people to spearhead our project has me banging my head against the wall.

Artprof.org is a free website for learning visual arts which features video tutorials, art critiques, and more.

3 thoughts on “Where Does Artprof.org Belong?

  1. As a smaller group of people, teaching art with a more personal touch, you are more akin to Sketchbook Skool than the big places like Skillshare. They are more oriented towards hobbyists and urban sketchers, but perhaps their coverage is a useful model.

  2. The visual artist has to fight to get press. Back stories are not being told or published. In Denver good life style stories are hard to come by. It seems s miracle to have face to face conversations with other artists. I have exchanges by phone with artist Dean Mitchell of Tampa Florida, on a regular basis. We converse about business tactics and art life survival. In Denver to get together with other like minded artists to brainstorm is like herding cats. I have a working class career. I get by well enough. I will press on. It is what it is. Cheers-Bob Ragland.

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