Mixed Media with Image Transfers


Now that I’ve gotten some familiarity with the citrasolv and wintergreen oil transfers, I’ve started drawing other media like charcoal and soft pastel on top of the transfer. Mixed media is an area I have very little experience with, and I do think that mixed media is a lot harder than most people think.  The classic problem with mixed media is that people don’t layer, mix, and blend the various media enough. Consequently, each media becomes isolated and the piece ends up looking like a bad patchwork quilt.


That’s why doing mixed media on these image transfers has been shockingly easy, there’s the illusion of a ripped sheet of paper from the image transfer, but no actual physical paper to deal with. The soft, hazy look of the citrasolv transfers lends itself beautifully to atmospheric qualities you can get when smudging soft pastel and charcoal. The transfer and the pastel/charcoal merge together seamlessly, these media were made for each other!


Next, I want to xerox some of my drawings, transfer the drawings to another sheet of paper,  (using wintergreen oil since citrasolv only works on magazines) and then draw over the transfer. Who knows if this will actually amount to anything, but I’m really enjoying the experimentation with this new technique.  Perhaps it will eventually translate into something?  Only way to find out is to try.


Artprof.org is a free website for learning visual arts which features video tutorials, art critiques, and more.

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