Two Arrows


I remember when we hired a web developer in 2016 to create, she was really surprised at the amount of content that we had to post on the site.  Apparently, it was common for many of her clients to have ideas for what they wanted for their website, but to not have any content that was actually ready to go.

Creating content is hands down the easiest part of producing  A frustration we collectively have as a staff is that we are all oozing with ideas for video tutorials, but the reality is that it can be many, many months before a specific idea actually comes to fruition. We’ve been live for almost 2 years, and even with over 30 video tutorials, I feel like we have barely scratched the surface of our potential. Between everyone on our team, we probably have 30 years of content floating around in our heads.


Which is why it drives me up the wall to have to spend so much time on marketing and publicity. Neither is in my area of expertise, so everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned on my own along the way and some days it’s the most tedious slog that exists. It’s hours of typing mind numbing emails, explaining the same pitch over and over again.  Actually, the most exhausting part of marketing is the tumbleweeds that you see after all of that work. I must have sent over 150 emails today, and in my eyes, it’s a miracle if I get even 1 positive reply. I’ve done this enough times that I know what to expect when I do these email blasts, but that never seems to make the experience any less disheartening.


I had a colleague who told me that he saw his career as a room that had a bunch of arrows flying around.  He said those moments that work out are when two arrows hit each other right on the head.

So on days like this, when my brain is mush doing from all the marketing tasks all day, I have to remind myself that the only way I will ever get two arrows to hit each other on the head is to keep sending more arrows. is a free website for learning visual arts which features video tutorials, art critiques, and more.

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