A Glorious Mess

I’ve been getting all kinds of supplies in the mail from art companies like Strathmore, Lineco, Winsor & Newton, Fredrix, and Legion Paper. Needless to say, my studio room is a bit of a disaster, like to the point where if you want to walk through the studio you have to move a couple of boxes that are in the way!

My desk is a mess, I know it’s bad when the mugs and dishes start to accumulate and I don’t know what the notes on my desk are for. However, I love this. I love when I’m so busy that there’s no time to clean my desk, when I’m so much in the trenches of working that all I can handle is tossing something onto my desk, when I can’t be bothered to place it on the shelf. To me, being busy is the best feeling.  Feeling productive, shifting quickly and bouncing back and forth between each task.

When I woke up this morning and looked at my studio, one word came to my mind:  “entropy.”  Chemistry was the only class in high school I got a C in, but I do remember a terrific story my Chemistry teacher told us that I still remember.  He said that any time his wife got mad at him for a messy living room, he would say “It’s entropy!”


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