An “Epic” Tutorial

Seq 006 Oil Painting.01_30_13_14.Still003

Miraculously, I managed to catch up on tons of video footage I had been sitting on for months for, and I only have two tutorials in the works right now, which has to be a record for me!

One of those is an oil painting tutorial, which is turning out to be “epic.” Our longest video so far is 1 hour, and it covers how to prepare a wide range of surfaces for painting. I’m not even done shooting the footage for the oil painting tutorial, and I’m already at an hour and 45 minutes! The crazy thing is that even at this length, I still feel like I’m leaving out a lot of content on oil painting; the process is that involved and complex.



I’m actually really surprised that despite not having painted in oils for over 15 years, I’ve really retained all of the knowledge I gained when I was heavily focused on painting.  I guess it’s like riding a bike, you never forget!

I’m trying to be really specific and concrete to offer a fully comprehensive tutorial on oil painting, so that you could start the video knowing nothing about oil painting and then feel fairly confident about how to proceed.  From the videos I’ve seen online about oil painting, it’s ridiculous how much absolutely critical content gets left out:  safety hazards, specific colors and their individual behaviors, and more. The colors on my palette feel like old friends, I know them inside out and it’s been fun to revisit each color with it’s quirks and strengths. I know that Cadmium Red always needs to be the life of the party, whereas burnt umber is happy to sink into the background.




Another fun part of this tutorial is that I invited 2 art students, Cat Huang and Owen Rival to be on set with me so we could represent three different levels of painting:  1 person who just started learning, 1 person with about 1 year of experience, and then myself.  We’ve done plenty of 1 person, 2 person tutorials, but this is the first one with 3, so it’s fun to experiment with a new format to create a different dynamic in the conversation. is a free website for learning visual arts which features video tutorials, art critiques, and more.

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