A Bigger World


I started my career in academia back in 2005, and have been there ever since.  While I love teaching at RISD, I have to say that academia is a really small, insulated world that very few people get to be a part of.

I didn’t realize until I started Artprof.org just how big the world really is. Since Artprof.org began, my world has expanded tremendously and it’s very exciting.  I’ve met people who I would never have encountered had I stayed in the bubble of academia, connected with people in other fields, traveled to places I would never have dreamed of, and so much more.

My world only continues to expand because of Artprof.org, and it’s not just the people and places, it’s the ongoing learning experience that Artprof.org brings to me.  Through many art suppliers, I’ve been exposed to tons of new art materials that I wouldn’t have otherwise tried on my own.


Legion paper sent me three different types of Yupo paper:  heavy, medium, and translucent.  I’ve had students work with Yupo paper but never had the chance to work with it myself, so it was fun to play around with this new surface so we could create listings for it in our Art Supplies section.

I looked around my kitchen and saw a section of a pomegranate and knew that was the object I wanted to draw on the Yupo paper. The Yupo paper is a surprising surface; being so incredibly smooth, you expect wet media to not adhere to the surface, but it does beautifully.  The paper never buckles, and it’s super durable, not the type of surface that you can imagine every ripping.

I love that Artprof.org is an ongoing learning experience, for everyone, even the people who produce it!

Artprof.org is a free website for learning visual arts which features video tutorials, art critiques, and more.


2 thoughts on “A Bigger World

  1. When I switched from oil paint to acrylic, I really missed the juicy-ness of the paint. I tried working on Yupo paper and
    it came back. It has made my work so much better – to look at and to make. Everyone should try it.

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